Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Opportunity at Conference

Hi Everybody

Here's a new opporutnity!

As many of you know, Alexandra Penfold (Associate Editor at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers) will be leading a First Page session at our conference next weekend in Hill City, SD.

What does this mean?

In this session, she will read the first page of an attendee's picture book, novel, etc. to the audience.  Then she will respond, allowing the entire group to see what goes on in her head when she meets a manuscript for the first time.

Why is this a great opportunity?

This is your chance to find out how an editor responds to your writing.  I can't guarantee that she will have time to read all of the first-pages that are submitted, but it's worth a try.

What do I do?

Please bring your manuscript (typed, double-spaced) to the conference and put it in the First Page box.  On the top, include a very brief synopsis (one or two sentences maximum).  Also indicate if it is novel, picture book, nonfiction, etc.  Start the text about halfway down the page.

Remember . . .

Conference registration is due on Nov. 3.  The conference itself is on Nov. 6 (evening) and Nov. 7 (all day).  

For full details (as well as online registration options), go to    Please use this website.  The old website has problems!!

See you soon!

Jean Patrick
SCBWI Regional Advisor, Dakotas

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